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White Chocolate: Food For Thought

So picture this, I’m in the barber shop which is black owned and operated having a conversation with the only white boy brave enough to venture down this street into this shop. He says a few things none of which I remember. It all sounds like “blah blah blah nah what I’m saying my nigga.”…


Our 1st Black President

Barack Obama is our 1st black president, that is undeniable, but he is not our 1st african american president. He is, however, our 1st american african president. This is a major distinction. He has not had the experience of the african americans. He is black but he grew up in Hawaii and traveled to Indonesia…

The government says: Thou Shalt Not Comsume Delicious Food!

Nutrition and the State

There is a one-size-fits -all policy: we all must die. If we allow the government to have an information monopoly, that policy will be accelerated, beginning with the death of our brains.


What the Colorado Shootings Have Shown Me

For the past week or so¬†I have been watching the news coverage of the shooting in Colorado and have been puzzled by one thing, throughout the story the suspect is always referred to as a good kid. I mean really he just killed 12 people. 12!!!!! Injured scores and is a good kid. A 16-year-old…

People Should Trump States

In May,¬†President Obama publicly revealed that he supports gay marriage. Not civil unions, marriage. I didn’t see the ABC interview but, the reports of it and the editorials about it that I read were very heartening. I was proud of my President for having the courage to do something that no other President had done…