Here we tell you about the things turning our brains to mush.


Workaholics airs on comedy central on Tuesdays at 10:30 pm. I think more people need to watch this show and 5 reasons are listed below. 1 – Everyone slacks at work I do, you do, we all do, so we can relate. 2 – Though this is a scripted show, it is more truthful and about …

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True Blood Truebies

True Blood…one of the best vampire series ever…well up until Season 5. Being a ‘Truebie’ in every aspect of the term, I can say I am slightly disappointed with the direction this season is taking, if there is even a direction? Reading the entire ‘Southern Vampire Mysteries’ series to date, I feel that there are …

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Just a Touch

So, I’ve been watching “Touch,” Tim Kring’s new show on FOX and I have some comments. First, if you aren’t watching it you should, especially if you are a fan of Kring’s most notable recent work, Heroes. The show is about a mute, socially undeveloped boy who can see the entire stream of time all …

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