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So, I’ve been watching “Touch,” Tim Kring’s new show on FOX and I have some comments. First, if you aren’t watching it you should, especially if you are a fan of Kring’s most notable recent work, Heroes. The show is about a mute, socially undeveloped boy who can see the entire stream of time all at once via numbers and patterns. His father is fighting the state to keep custody of him, while struggling to effectively communicate with him.

I’ve been enjoying the show because of the human drama betwen the boy and his father and the way metaphysics and quantum theories are explored thematically. It’s well acted by the principle actors. I also like how a cell phone lost  in the first scene of the first episode keeps running a thread thoughout the rest of the episodes. I’m hoping that phone has a powerful payoff down the road. The is also beginning to be hints that there is a larger more sinister overarching agenda that the characters are unknowingly caught up in. I can’t wait for the reveals.


Touch is going the wrong way on the ratings road. In seven episodes it has gone from 3.9 to 1.9 and lost almost half of it’s viewership. The final 12th and 13th episode air on May 31st and it is a toss up to be cancelled according to “TV by the Numbers.” I think if the second half of the series begins to focus more on the hinted larger story arc, the series ratings may improve. Here’s to hoping.

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