Our 1st Black President

Barack Obama is our 1st black president, that is undeniable, but he is not our 1st african american president. He is, however, our 1st american african president.

This is a major distinction.

He has not had the experience of the african americans. He is black but he grew up in Hawaii and traveled to Indonesia so he wasnt privy to the things african americans have to deal with. Obama never had the 1st hand talk, you all know the talk I mean ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting. The talk every black parent has to have with their boys about how to act around police and majority white surroundings. Even in Hawaii he went by Barry and fit in well in a state that has one of the largest minority populations. While living in Indonesia he was around people who looked very similar and the only way he was considered an outsider was because he was an American. That in turn gave him a much more positive view of America. It took him until his 20s to “find” himself and decide he is black and then learn about the black experience. This is why when people are outright disrespectful to him or his office he does not respond in any demonstrable way.

People always say that they want him to act more black but he can’t, he doesn’t have the cultural experience to have that ingrained in him. It’s just like the Dave Chapelle sketch featuring Clayton Bigsby the blind black man who thought he was white and was the vilest of racists. Obama is the way he is because he was brought up in an environment that only showed him one way to behave in all public situations. Conversely, this is the reason he was able to be elected. Because he didn’t have the legacy of slavery and jim crow hanging over his head he doesn’t have that righteous anger about the American system, which allows him to accept all aspects of our society. At this point in time an African-American is completely unelectable in America, but hey at least we have taken a step.

So until next time, I will be rereading the bio of Huey P. Newton in the brotherhood hq peace out fam.

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