People Should Trump States

In May, President Obama publicly revealed that he supports gay marriage. Not civil unions, marriage. I didn’t see the ABC interview but, the reports of it and the editorials about it that I read were very heartening. I was proud of my President for having the courage to do something that no other President had done before. Eventually, I read the transcript of the interview and my satisfaction was blunted by Obama’s comments about not wanting to federalize the marriage issue. He maintained that the States are where this issue should be debated and decided. I coudn’t disagree more.

Our Declararion of Independence expresses our belief that we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Our Constitution solidifies the several states’ obligation to acknowledge and uphold these rights, and the laws that protect them, via Artile IV and the 14th Amendment. It falls to the federal government to do it’s duty to create, if necessary, and enforce laws that uphold the intent of the Constitution in this regard. In my opinion, taking the stance that gay marriage should be a state issue is unconstitutional, disingenous and sad. Quite frankly, it’s the same tack taken by opponents of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Congress and the President should strive to uphold the right of gays to marry in all states because the rights of the people trump states’ rights.

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