What the Colorado Shootings Have Shown Me

For the past week or so I have been watching the news coverage of the shooting in Colorado and have been puzzled by one thing, throughout the story the suspect is always referred to as a good kid. I mean really he just killed 12 people.


Injured scores and is a good kid. A 16-year-old black kid gets into a fight in high school and the local news is like, “the perpetrator was a black man about 10ft tall and 800lbs.” Whats the deal here? *sniff sniff* I smell a conspiracy. Remember the “kid” who shot all those people is a 24-year-old man in grad school. The Jenna 6 kids were 16 and 17 armed with shoes. These kids were demonized as thugs and the fact that one of the buddies of the kid they beat up pulled a gun on them for no reason was swept under the rug. People might say “why would the powers go through this much trouble?” The answer is to control the narrative. By demonizing these boys they paint the picture that all blacks are savages and by extension they are perfectly logical for warehousing us in the prison system. Now contrast the Jenna 6 to this murderer who on all news accounts was a good kid who was just a little quiet. This is the point where people need to use their analytical skills and review the phrase a little closer when referring to white people. What they mean to say is “this kid is bat shit crazy, has been bat shit crazy and will forever be bat shit crazy.” The only reason they don’t is because then there little secret is out. That secret is that white folks are just as messed up as the rest of us. Also being protected in this story is the all american kid (read white) who in general stays out of any kind of trouble. So if this is a post racial america I wonder what the post post racial america will be like. Until we get there I have a few more H. Rap Brown posters to put up. Here’s hoping we make conspiracy brova 1 luv.


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