The Summer Movie Juggernaut

The Avengers is a juggernaut. I haven’t seen the movie yet due to my lack of pre-bought tickets, but by all accounts it’s a movie not to be missed.

After it’s opening weekend, the Avengers has made about $200 million dollars. That is absolutely crazy! Now, i knew that this movie was going to be popular. I knew it was going to sell well, but $200 million I did not forsee. I should also point out that these numbers are only for the US debut weekend. If the total international numbers are added in the movie made $642 million dollars!

Will Avengers get to the top of the all time gross list? It’s possible. The Harry Potter finale is the third highest grossing film of all time and it’s opening weekend haul was just beat by The Avengers. Also, there are millions of people who didn’t buy tickets early (like me and my family) who still are chomping at the bit to see this film. Another factor to consider is the reviews. So far Avengers seems a critical success. It gets a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, and on Metacritic, out of 42 ciritical reviews, 31 are positive and only 1 is negative.

My money is on it getting the #2 spot at least until “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Happy movie going folks!

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