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True Blood…one of the best vampire series ever…well up until Season 5. Being a ‘Truebie’ in every aspect of the term, I can say I am slightly disappointed with the direction this season is taking, if there is even a direction?

Reading the entire ‘Southern Vampire Mysteries’ series to date, I feel that there are so many angles this season can explore, but instead viewers are getting a mound of chaos with no cohesion between the episodes. Maybe instead of having one major theme for the season as was done in the past, this season is possibly exploring too many angles and its creating a disarray of sorts.

The season starts with Tara turning vamp – now as of episode 7 – nothing is happening with it. That could have been a huge season thriller, but instead it’s turned as stale as still water. Now Tara is stuck at Fangtasia bartending or pole dancing, which can be interesting depending on how you look at it. Either way – the new vamp isn’t getting the excited start like Jessica did when she was turned. Tara isn’t even interacting with any of the cast! Her role, as exciting as it could be, puts me to sleep now.

Next up – the Authority…too political…too religious. That pretty much sums it up. I would also say too much talking and not enough action. However, after the head of the Authority, Roman, was killed by good ole Russell Edgington, the Authority perked up a tad bit. Last episode, they got high from drinking Lilith’s blood and massacred a bar full of people. Now that’s the True Blood action I miss! I can’t wait to see what will happen after the mess they caused (literally).

Although True Blood clearly goes off on its own tangent, apart from the Southern Vampire Mystery series, it does keep some aspects from the book. The fact that Alcide is challenging J.D. as the pack leader is one of those. But when it comes to Sookie Stackhouse, there are so many differences! It gets frustrating at times. The manner in how the Stackhouse parents died is completely different in the book. Episode 7 stated that a vampire smelled Sookie’s blood on a band-aid in the back seat of the car and that’s what prompted the vamper to kill her parents. Well, what do we make of that? Hopefully they will expound on it more soon.

To run thru the last few of the Bon Temp brood:

*Hoyt went from depressed fangbanger to overzealous supe hunter.

*Sam Merlotte was last seen sniffing the floor to figure out who the shifter shooters were.

*Jason Stackhouse is having some sort of epiphany – but I don’t know if he knows what it is yet.

*Luna is still in the hospital, and Emma is the puppy seen running around from time to time.

*Lafayette was tied up – but not in the way he likes.

*Terry Bellefluer almost committed suicide to get away from the Ifrit (fire creature).

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