White Chocolate: Food For Thought

So picture this, I’m in the barber shop which is black owned and operated having a conversation with the only white boy brave enough to venture down this street into this shop. He says a few things none of which I remember. It all sounds like “blah blah blah nah what I’m saying my nigga.”

My what? I ask myself. So I tell him to watch his language. He then tells me it “aint like that it’s a term of endearment” cuz he “fuck” with me.” Aint this bout a bitch! I now have a white man again defining the term that they created to dehumanize my people. We are really just a generation removed from the willy lynch theory which put into motion us drinking this poisonous potion.

“No no no” he says, “I’m just like you, I call myself a nigga too look at me. My jeans is baggy, I be on the block I hustle rocks, look at my fronts they shinning”. “So,” I told him, “you think being a nigga is just a result of the bliss of ignorance. I think it is the result of intolerance and hate. Because to really be a nigga your people had to endure the fire hoses church burnings lynchings cross burning genocidal slavery.”

“Well, what I really said is a different word I said nigga you see I used the a ending not the er.” So now I am being told that the hatred is just contained in these two letters at the end of a word and not in the soul of this society. But hey, I do have a way for you to really become a nigga let some people who look like me control every instance of your life. Rape your mother sell your wife. Destroy your manhood and then ask if its all good my nigga.

Drop them 2Cents in the bucket!

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